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15 Awesome Storage Hacks from Twitter

Studio apartment, four-bed house or sprawling country mansion. No matter how large your home, there never seems to be enough storage space.

The good news is that Twitter is packed full of super smart people coming up with super smart storage hacks.

The better news is that I’ve hunted them down for you! For this blog, I’ve trawled the bite-sized social network for the most inventive storage hacks for all around your home. Why not try out some for yourself and see how much space you could save?

Oh, and if you do try out some hacks, don’t forget to thank the hackers on Twitter, too!

storage hacks

#1 Organise your life with toilet paper tubes


Tubes, glorious tubes! They’re super flexible and awesome for storing stuff.


#2 Add a tier to your shelves



Add a step and see all the books, DVDs and CDs in the second row without having to pull out everything in front.


#3 Less shoes and more cables


Shoe racks make awesome storage units for pretty much everything but we love this neat cable storage idea.


#4 Think vertical


When you run out of storage space on the floor, look up!


#5 Even above the door


Yep, even look up above the door.


#6 Get your bikes off the ground


Bikes are pretty awkward to store with pedals and handlebars sticking out at weird angles. Rig up something to hold it and hoist them off the ground for more efficient storage.


#7 Build a Lego key holder


Click on. Click off. A Lego key holder isn’t just super efficient, it also looks great!


#8 Make your pans stackable and grabable


Trying to neatly store pans in a cupboard is a nightmare but trying to neatly store pans on this rack is a breeze!


#9 Finally a way to keep cables tidy


Don’t give up on tidy cables! Here’s a super efficient way to store cables on an old hanger.


#10 Make a jewellery display board


Keep your jewellery tangle free with a super cool DIY display board.


#11 Use planters as indoor fruit bowls


Fruit bowls are nice but they do tend to be a bit on the small side. Supercharge your fruit game by bringing a planter inside!


#12 Make use of your roof


When you’ve run out of room on the floor and above all your doors, make use of your roof.


#13 Less wine more towels


Wine racks are great for storing anything round but I think towels look best.


#14 Use pegboards everywhere


Just like shoe organisers, pegboards are awesome for storing just about anything.


#15 Make your bed a huge cupboard


No longer will the underside of your bed be for old t-shirts and dust! Add some hinges and turn your bed into one huge cupboard.


BONUS HACK: Your ideas

So, there you have our 15 favourite storage hacks from the darkest depths of Twitter! If you’re a budding storage hacker or have spotted some awesome ideas out there, why not let us know about them?

Snap a picture of your hack idea and send it to us on Facebook or Twitter.

About the Author

After dabbling in architecture, Fraser Sutherland joined Scottish storage startup Storage Vault. Now he heads up their marketing, helping bring self storage to the Scottish market.

How to Find a Cheap Storage Unit

You may be overwhelmed with excessive items at home, and your quest to hire a cheap self-storage unit will begin. Although you might not be ready to do away with some of your items, you may also be unwilling to pay exorbitant rates to store them. Although the words cheap and good hardly go hand in hand, they sometimes do in the self-storage industry.

Of course there are specific factors that you will want to consider prior to giving any of your hard-earned money away. Considering factors such as security, accessing the unit and whether the facility is gated or not are some key questions you will want to ask a storage unit facility when making your decision.

It can be either an easy or daunting task to find a cheap self-storage unit, depending on how you will go about it.

boy and girl looking for cheap self storage

Read on for some expert tips to guide you in finding a cheap self-storage facility.

The Internet

You can easily locate a cheap self-storage provider in your area by doing a simple internet search using your preferred search engine. You can simply search the internet using a keyword like “cheap storage units” and include your zip code in the search phrase. The search result will include storage facilities in your areas that are using the word “cheap” when describing their storage services.

You can also try making a search using phrases such as “affordable” or “low cost” or any other relevant phrase in your search since some businesses avoid using the word “cheap” when advertising. Once you find a number of potential storage facilities, narrow them down to the ideal one by doing a comparison amongst them.


Yellow Pages

This option will require you to do some more work in searching. You can start with searching yellow pages’ listings under “self-storage” section and dial the numbers indicated. Your initial calls should only involve asking about the charges for your preferred size of a storage unit. After calling a number of storage facilities, you will be able to compare them to find out the cheapest ones and narrow them down further using the features they offer.

Hit the Streets

This option will take most of your time. It involves visiting different storage facilities and gathering information about their monthly charges. A key advantage of this type of a search is that you will be in a position to see how the self-storage unit looks like. You can also ask additional questions, and if you are not in a mood to ask more questions, you can take some looks at the facility and judge it by what you will see.

If you reside in a highly populated neighborhood, or close to a town, you will surely find many storage facilities to choose from. You will also benefit from the competition among storage facilities that are located too close to each other. You will be able to find a cheap yet good self-storage unit with just a little work and some few questions asked.

Benefits of Using Mini Storage Units

There are quite a number of storage facilities available to choose from, and you can always find one that will take care of your storage needs.

They include portable, self-storage, mobile, and mini storage units. It is always easy to search for a storage facility using a zip code, and you can find one that is the ideal size to fit your budget and storage needs. Here are some benefits of mini storage units.

Easy to Find

Mini storage units can be found easily with a click of a mouse. These storage units can also be found by making phone calls. You may find a mini storage unit near your office or home, and you can use the storage facility’s guide to assist you in determining the ideal size for your items. Booking for mini storage units can be easily done online, and some facilities allow for online payments.


Storing Vehicles and Furniture

Mini storage units are easily available on many websites, and some of the units are big enough to store a car while others offer RV storage.

Nowadays, it seems difficult to get a parking space to fit SUVs and big vehicles in some areas, and these storage facilities offer you with the ability to store such vehicles. Hence, if you want to go out for some days, the best place to store your valued vehicle will be in a mini storage unit.

If you don’t have enough space for storing a special yacht you purchased, you can store it securely in these units. You can also store furniture in a mini storage unit especially when moving from one state to another or when you are renovating or downsizing your home. Ultimately, mini storage units are better than your home’s garage storage.


Different Sizes

There are storage warehouses that have personnel either online or at the physical location to assist you in determining the best size of a mini storage unit for your items.

You may even measure the unit for its suitability in some warehouses, and the personnel will also enlighten you on the benefits offered in their facility.



Although locks may be offered in a mini storage facility, it is advisable to buy your own lock for your mini storage unit. This will mean that no one else but you will be in possession of the key to your mini storage’s lock.

Some mini storage facilities have doors with specialty locks for extra security of the unit.


Climate Control

You may also find mini storage units with climate control mechanisms to assist you in preserving your stored items. They ensure items are protected from extreme temperature using controlled air systems.

Mini storage units can be either indoor or outdoor, whereby indoor units are protected from any external elements whereas outdoor units offer drive-up access.

Some mini storage units also offer you with provisions to drive-up and load or offload your belongings. Such units have roll-up doors for easy access like in garage doors. With these benefits in mind, mini storage units can surely lessen the stress associated with storage.

How Safe Are Self-Storage Units?

couple searching for secure storage units in SydneyMany people seek to remove clutter from their home, businesses, or offices by renting a self-storage unit. However, are your items financially protected when stored in a storage facility?

How safe is the self-storage unit you want to hire? Take these steps prior to signing an agreement with self-storage provider to ensure your items will be safe when they are under storage.

Finding a Safe Self-Storage Unit

Choose your storage space based not only on convenience but also on safety. Ensure you choose a storage facility in a safer neighborhood to ensure your items will be in a safer environment.

A storage facility that is fenced and has restricted access will reflect the minimum safety measures that an ideal storage unit should provide.

Other important safety features include coded security pads for your storage floor and the entire building, strategically placed cameras, and 24-hour CCTV surveillance throughout the facility.

Is The Storage Facility Well-Maintained?

A storage facility that is well-maintained will be clean and regularly monitored for bugs and rodents. Never hesitate to ask for a contract with a pest control service provider to verify that the storage facility is surely being inspected on a regular basis.

Also ensure that the facility has a climate control mechanism and water cannot enter your self-storage unit either from the floor or above.

Insurance Cover

Enlighten yourself on the policies of a potential storage facility regarding policies of losses. How will the facility respond in case there is theft, fire, or any other loss? If the facility would not be responsible for any loss or damage to your items, it will be wise getting insurance cover.

Remember to check all the risks that are covered. You may purchase extra coverage for more protection if need be. Although some storage providers offer insurance cover for stored items, their insurance policies often cover far less than what you need, thus get an insurance agent who can help you with the ideal coverage for your belongings.

Also, enlighten yourself on whether the insurance policy to go for covers either replacement cost or actual cash value. A replacement cost value cover will pay the amount for replacing an item at the time it was lost, while an actual value cover will only offer coverage for a depreciated value of the item.

Hence, a replacement cost policy might be more expensive than an actual cost value policy, but may ultimately offer a better value.

Documents All Items

One of the most effective and practical ways of protecting your stored items is creating an inventory. It can be as easy as taking pictures or writing them down on a notebook. Always document all your items as you pack them in a self-storage unit.

Do not forget to document the items that are inside cabinets, closets, and drawers. This will ensure chances of losing or misplacing your belongings are reduced.

Benefits of Storage Units to Sydney Interior Designers

This post was written after our recent trip to the land down under! We had the pleasure of meeting and networking with some really interesting people in the storage industry in Sydney and Melbourne. In this specific post, we will talk about the storage needs of an interior designer.

Interior Design in Sydney is a booming industry with more and more creative young people taking it up as their profession. A lot of universities in Sydney teach specialized courses on the subject. Individuals complete their studies and go on to start their own businesses.

Businesses may often run into problems associated with running out of storage space. Most interior designers, especially those new in the industry, are usually based in small office spaces or even in their homes. In such situations, clutter from excess client orders can add up quickly.

The clutter can be a distraction for the interior designer and potential or current clients. In such situation, reserving a storage unit for client orders is a great solution. Here are some benefits of storage facilities to interior designers.

interior designers planning a project

Caters for Storage and Delivery Needs

By reserving storage units, interior designers can make use of their office or home spaces to construct showrooms for their clients rather than using their space for orders that may sit for weeks before installation or delivery.

Most storage units are beneficial to interior designers in that they can cater for their business storage needs by accepting and storing deliveries. Interior designers often require good preparation for installations. Visit this blog for more information on storage units in Sydney – hollowaystoragesydney.com.au.

Planning any design project entails a smooth install, and storage units come in handy to ensure that designers can be able to store any client order in a good storage facility, rather than storing orders at home or the office.


Organized Storage System

Storage units also assist interior designs in arranging orders in an organized manner.  For instance, one storage unit can be used storing accessories, another for clothing, and another for furniture.

Hence, interior designers can be able to sign off deliveries for clients, and this thrills a savvy client as it saves on receiver fees. Clients also appreciate knowing that they are in control of their purchased orders.


woman using a self storage unit


Makes Final Installation Easier

Storing items such as furniture for clients in storage facilities eases the final installation process for an interior designer.

Storage facilities that make deliveries make it possible for interior designers to ensure that a client’s order is delivered on their behalf, such that all they will do is the installation.

A storage facility can also store different pieces of a client’s order in a safe place, until such a time that the designer is ready for the full installation.


Different Packages are Available

The units for storage can be hired under different packages. For instance, some packages require payment per package for smaller items, but large scale storage and deliveries would require renting an entire unit for storage and moving.

In such scenarios, both the client and an interior benefit hugely.



Fulltime Access

Some storage facilities allow 24-hour access such that interior designers can be able to keep track of any inventory movement especially when the project is large. Storage facilities are also beneficial to interior designers in that they use professionals to move items.

Hence, items such as furniture are not damaged while moving. Designers can hire storage units that have a climate-controlled environment to ensure that the stored items such as wooden items and fabrics.

By renting storage units, interior designers can store items of their clients safely and without the need of hiring expensive warehouse or cluttering their home and office space. Hence, any interior designer should consider using storage facilities.





Storage Tips & Specials

At Tamarindo Storage, we try to assist our customers with all their packing and pre-storage needs. We provide tips and advice for them to make their experience an easy one.

couple packing boxes

Below are some storage tips that you may find useful:

  • To improve ventilation keep items off the floor – use pallets
  • Label boxes on all sides. Use Rubbermaid or Tupperware type containers (cardboard boxes are not recommended in Costa Rica)
  • Store frequently used items in the front
  • Disassemble tables, bed frames, cabinets, etc. to save space
  • Stand sofas and mattress on end
  • Fill containers and boxes to capacity; partially filled containers may collapse when stacked
  • To avoid attracting rodents, do not store food items of any kind
    Goods are not insured by the storage facility


We have several discounts available for long term contracts and/or pre-payment.

Please feel free to give us a call to see what our current specials are.