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15 Awesome Storage Hacks from Twitter

Studio apartment, four-bed house or sprawling country mansion. No matter how large your home, there never seems to be enough storage space.

The good news is that Twitter is packed full of super smart people coming up with super smart storage hacks.

The better news is that I’ve hunted them down for you! For this blog, I’ve trawled the bite-sized social network for the most inventive storage hacks for all around your home. Why not try out some for yourself and see how much space you could save?

Oh, and if you do try out some hacks, don’t forget to thank the hackers on Twitter, too!

storage hacks

#1 Organise your life with toilet paper tubes

Tubes, glorious tubes! They’re super flexible and awesome for storing stuff.


#2 Add a tier to your shelves


Add a step and see all the books, DVDs and CDs in the second row without having to pull out everything in front.


#3 Less shoes and more cables

Shoe racks make awesome storage units for pretty much everything but we love this neat cable storage idea.


#4 Think vertical

When you run out of storage space on the floor, look up!


#5 Even above the door

Yep, even look up above the door.


#6 Get your bikes off the ground

Bikes are pretty awkward to store with pedals and handlebars sticking out at weird angles. Rig up something to hold it and hoist them off the ground for more efficient storage.


#7 Build a Lego key holder

Click on. Click off. A Lego key holder isn’t just super efficient, it also looks great!


#8 Make your pans stackable and grabable

Trying to neatly store pans in a cupboard is a nightmare but trying to neatly store pans on this rack is a breeze!


#9 Finally a way to keep cables tidy

Don’t give up on tidy cables! Here’s a super efficient way to store cables on an old hanger.


#10 Make a jewellery display board

Keep your jewellery tangle free with a super cool DIY display board.


#11 Use planters as indoor fruit bowls

Fruit bowls are nice but they do tend to be a bit on the small side. Supercharge your fruit game by bringing a planter inside!


#12 Make use of your roof

When you’ve run out of room on the floor and above all your doors, make use of your roof.


#13 Less wine more towels

Wine racks are great for storing anything round but I think towels look best.


#14 Use pegboards everywhere

Just like shoe organisers, pegboards are awesome for storing just about anything.


#15 Make your bed a huge cupboard

No longer will the underside of your bed be for old t-shirts and dust! Add some hinges and turn your bed into one huge cupboard.


BONUS HACK: Your ideas

So, there you have our 15 favourite storage hacks from the darkest depths of Twitter! If you’re a budding storage hacker or have spotted some awesome ideas out there, why not let us know about them?

Snap a picture of your hack idea and send it to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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After dabbling in architecture, Fraser Sutherland joined Scottish storage startup Storage Vault. Now he heads up their marketing, helping bring self storage to the Scottish market.