Benefits of Storage Units to Sydney Interior Designers

This post was written after our recent trip to the land down under! We had the pleasure of meeting and networking with some really interesting people in the storage industry in Sydney and Melbourne. In this specific post, we will talk about the storage needs of an interior designer.

Interior Design in Sydney is a booming industry with more and more creative young people taking it up as their profession. A lot of universities in Sydney teach specialized courses on the subject. Individuals complete their studies and go on to start their own businesses.

Businesses may often run into problems associated with running out of storage space. Most interior designers, especially those new in the industry, are usually based in small office spaces or even in their homes. In such situations, clutter from excess client orders can add up quickly.

The clutter can be a distraction for the interior designer and potential or current clients. In such situation, reserving a storage unit for client orders is a great solution. Here are some benefits of storage facilities to interior designers.

interior designers planning a project

Caters for Storage and Delivery Needs

By reserving storage units, interior designers can make use of their office or home spaces to construct showrooms for their clients rather than using their space for orders that may sit for weeks before installation or delivery.

Most storage units are beneficial to interior designers in that they can cater for their business storage needs by accepting and storing deliveries. Interior designers often require good preparation for installations. Visit this blog for more information on storage units in Sydney –

Planning any design project entails a smooth install, and storage units come in handy to ensure that designers can be able to store any client order in a good storage facility, rather than storing orders at home or the office.


Organized Storage System

Storage units also assist interior designs in arranging orders in an organized manner.  For instance, one storage unit can be used storing accessories, another for clothing, and another for furniture.

Hence, interior designers can be able to sign off deliveries for clients, and this thrills a savvy client as it saves on receiver fees. Clients also appreciate knowing that they are in control of their purchased orders.


woman using a self storage unit


Makes Final Installation Easier

Storing items such as furniture for clients in storage facilities eases the final installation process for an interior designer.

Storage facilities that make deliveries make it possible for interior designers to ensure that a client’s order is delivered on their behalf, such that all they will do is the installation.

A storage facility can also store different pieces of a client’s order in a safe place, until such a time that the designer is ready for the full installation.


Different Packages are Available

The units for storage can be hired under different packages. For instance, some packages require payment per package for smaller items, but large scale storage and deliveries would require renting an entire unit for storage and moving.

In such scenarios, both the client and an interior benefit hugely.



Fulltime Access

Some storage facilities allow 24-hour access such that interior designers can be able to keep track of any inventory movement especially when the project is large. Storage facilities are also beneficial to interior designers in that they use professionals to move items.

Hence, items such as furniture are not damaged while moving. Designers can hire storage units that have a climate-controlled environment to ensure that the stored items such as wooden items and fabrics.

By renting storage units, interior designers can store items of their clients safely and without the need of hiring expensive warehouse or cluttering their home and office space. Hence, any interior designer should consider using storage facilities.