How to Find a Cheap Storage Unit

You may be overwhelmed with excessive items at home, and your quest to hire a cheap self-storage unit will begin. Although you might not be ready to do away with some of your items, you may also be unwilling to pay exorbitant rates to store them. Although the words cheap and good hardly go hand in hand, they sometimes do in the self-storage industry.

Of course there are specific factors that you will want to consider prior to giving any of your hard-earned money away. Considering factors such as security, accessing the unit and whether the facility is gated or not are some key questions you will want to ask a storage unit facility when making your decision.

It can be either an easy or daunting task to find a cheap self-storage unit, depending on how you will go about it.

boy and girl looking for cheap self storage

Read on for some expert tips to guide you in finding a cheap self-storage facility.

The Internet

You can easily locate a cheap self-storage provider in your area by doing a simple internet search using your preferred search engine. You can simply search the internet using a keyword like “cheap storage units” and include your zip code in the search phrase. The search result will include storage facilities in your areas that are using the word “cheap” when describing their storage services.

You can also try making a search using phrases such as “affordable” or “low cost” or any other relevant phrase in your search since some businesses avoid using the word “cheap” when advertising. Once you find a number of potential storage facilities, narrow them down to the ideal one by doing a comparison amongst them.


Yellow Pages

This option will require you to do some more work in searching. You can start with searching yellow pages’ listings under “self-storage” section and dial the numbers indicated. Your initial calls should only involve asking about the charges for your preferred size of a storage unit. After calling a number of storage facilities, you will be able to compare them to find out the cheapest ones and narrow them down further using the features they offer.

Hit the Streets

This option will take most of your time. It involves visiting different storage facilities and gathering information about their monthly charges. A key advantage of this type of a search is that you will be in a position to see how the self-storage unit looks like. You can also ask additional questions, and if you are not in a mood to ask more questions, you can take some looks at the facility and judge it by what you will see.

If you reside in a highly populated neighborhood, or close to a town, you will surely find many storage facilities to choose from. You will also benefit from the competition among storage facilities that are located too close to each other. You will be able to find a cheap yet good self-storage unit with just a little work and some few questions asked.